Summer interns report

Bina Venkataraman (print) and Nayna Sasidharan (broadcast) received AAJA-NE scholarship/internships last summer.
Here are their thoughts:
Bina Venkataraman (Christian Science Monitor)

The AAJA scholarship position at The Christian Science Monitor allowed me to spend the summer between graduate school years working on the national news desk of a major publication – an experience that helped me improve my writing, editing, and pitching skills. It was also an important career opportunity. It allowed me to further my journalistic experience, even though my master’s degree will be in public policy. The relationships I formed at the Monitor have proven invaluable, and the reporting experience I gained propelled me to a much higher level in terms of the quality of my work.

Nayna Sasidharan (WCVB-TV)

The AAJA New England/WCVB-TV scholarship provided me with the opportunity to experience a hands-on, real-world internship at a large-market television station. It also helped me assess the possibilities that are out there for a broadcast journalism graduate student. The internship experience included producing my own 30-minute show on the news program CityLine. This process taught me the finite details that go into producing a show and it has left me with the expertise needed to go anywhere. Now, with firm goals and quality material on my reel, I am ready to apply for those jobs that go beyond entry-level.