AAJA Member News: Long-time AAJA member Al Young retires, and more

Long-time AAJA member Al Young has retired and would like to bid farewell to his colleagues. He penned the below:

As the self-appointed “valedictorian” who will now turn off the lights on the “Buyout Class of 2012,” I’d just like to say:

Logging off Thursday night (12/27/12) for the last time here at the Globe after 13 years also marks the end of a 42-year newspaper career that has spanned 5 dailies as a sports writer/columnist/editor, and here on Morrissey Blvd. as an Assistant Living/Arts Editor, short-stint Names writer, and Copy Editor.
It’s been a great ride … albeit a bit bumpy from time to time.
But when I peer into the rearview mirror, I can’t help but marvel at how lucky I’ve been for the opportunities this business has afforded me over four decades — from the people and events I’ve covered to the places I’ve worked and traveled to the stories I’ve edited and headlines I’ve written. (Oh, and let’s not forget all my photo-ops, too!)
And the technology … OMG! I can’t believe how far this craft has evolved and how I’ve managed to survive it all: Internet? E-mail? Twitter? iPhones? COMPUTERS?
Methode (and even those boxy Atex screens with that little green type) was light years away from a newsroom, where manual Smith-Corona typewriters, carbon paper, pica rules, and teletype machines were the tools of the trade when I “banged out” (read: hunt & pecked — not Gangnam, but — 2-finger-Style) my first byline story on deadline.
But what makes many of those experiences and memories worthwhile are the relationships I’ve established along the way with fellow writers, editors, and designers — coworkers who could share, understand, and relate to the everyday ups and downs of this exciting, crazy-houred, unpredictable, but wonderful profession.
I’m proud to have worked with all the talented people here at the Globe and feel fortunate to have wound up my career at one of the most venerable, bastions of journalism in the country.
And a hat’s off to new Editor Brian McGrory, a former colleague dating back to our days at the New Haven Register who I know will keep up the Globe’s great newspaper tradition and Pulitzer Prize-winning excellence.
Now, with apologies to Edward R. Murrow …
I bid you all good night, good luck, and goodbye.
Al Young            

In other member news:

Daigo Fujiwara has left his position as graphics designer at the Globe in the fall, and is now a web developer at the Harvard Business Review.
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