AAJA New England 2020 Alix Quan Journalism Stipend

Apply for the AAJA New England 2020 Alix Quan Journalism Stipend 

News media has not been immune as the coronavirus pandemic continues to devastate the global economy. Journalists are facing furloughs, layoffs, increased work demands and fewer resources to do their job at a critical time for the world.

To respond to these unprecedented challenges, AAJA New England is launching the Alix Quan Journalism Fund, which will provide stipends to Asian American and Pacific Islander journalists in New England facing economic hardships or who could otherwise benefit professionally from a financial boost. 

Awards will range from $300 to $500 and be given to up to five recipients. Interested applicants are asked to submit an essay of no more than 500 words to yj.magnet@gmail.com by August 31, 2020, explaining how you plan to use the stipend. Students are encouraged to apply. 

The amount may vary depending on the number of applications and the degree of hardship or potential benefit for each individual. You need not be a member to apply; however, if you are not a member, part of the stipend will automatically go towards a membership. 

About the Alix Quan Journalism Fund

Alix and Michael Quan

AAJA-New England’s stipend in memory of Alix Quan seeks to assist journalists impacted by the COVID-19 crisis or to whom the funds could play a role in career development.    

Alix was a generous and longtime contributor to AAJA who passed away in 2019 at the age of 58. 

Along with her husband Michael Quan, a veteran photographer with The Boston Globe and The New York Times, she attended nearly every AAJA convention. 

Over the years, she helped organize the association’s annual silent auction fundraiser and countless Boston-area events, where she was a fixture of the local chapter.  Alix even helped develop AAJA’s first Boston convention in 1997, and graciously hosted AAJA members whenever they visited town.

She understood the importance of AAJA’s role as a watchdog for media coverage of Asian American communities and as a critical network for veteran members and up-and-coming journalists alike.

If you wish to make a potentially tax deductible contribution to the Alix Quan Journalism Fund, please contact yj.magnet@gmail.com